How to Make Perfect Instant Mashed Potatoes for Fun and Profit

I almost never do sponsored videos, and that has nothing to do with not wanting to sell out. I’d love to sell out. Who wouldn’t? No, it’s more the fact that very rarely does everything line up to make one of these possible, as it did with this video for Idahoan Signature™ Russets Mashed Potatoes.

Rarely do I get offered a chance to feature a product that I actually like, and use, so when they offered to sponsor a video, I jumped at the chance to show off one of my favorite guilty pleasures. Although, these are a far cry from the gummy, horribly artificial tasting stuff I ate as a kid. Made properly, they are remarkably close to freshly made.

And by properly made, I mean follow the directions on the package, which for an old chef is not easy. As you know I’m not big on measuring, but for this, that’s really the key. If you don’t believe me, go out and buy a package, and taste for yourself, as I think you’ll be impressed. I really do hope you give these a try soon. Enjoy!

Obligatory Sponsored Post Disclaimer: This post and video were sponsored by Idahoan Signature™ Russets Mashed Potatoes, and I was compensated for my efforts.

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